Development and manufacturing of low-voltage
and high-voltage electric equipment

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Non-standard electric equipment up to 1000 V


Low-voltage complete devices NKU-E98

JSC "Energoprom" produces and delivers all the product line of low-voltage complete devices of NKU-E98 series necessary for using at power stations, substations, enterprises for oil-fields construction, oil and gas production factories, metallurgical complexes, objects of housing and communal services. NKU, made according to Technical Conditions 3430-039-32574607-2002, are applied in alternating and direct current circuits of up to 1000 V.

Low-voltage complete devices of NKU-M series

Cases of NKU-M series with sliding modules are intended for input and distribution of electrical energy of voltage up to 1000 V and also for protection and control of electric motors and other electrical customers at large-scale industrial, services sector and infrastructure objects. Design of cases provide for a high level of safety for maintenance staff, excellent adaptability to the requirements of a particular application.

Thermal heated explosion-proof cases of KShO-E type

Thermal heated cases КShО-E are used in automation systems of technological processes as a protective structure for electric equipment and control devices installation. Cases are made according to Technical Conditions 3433-044-32574607-2004
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