Development and manufacturing of low-voltage
and high-voltage electric equipment

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We invite you to visit the stand of JSC "Energoprom” at "Power Engineering of Ural - 2008" exhibition in Ufa.

10 of Oktober 2008|Exhibitions
We have the honour of inviting you to see the production of our enterprise at the exhibition "Power Engineering of Ural - 2008" to be held on October 21-24, 2008.
The address: stand №20, riding hall of "Akbuzat" hippodrome, Mendeleyev Str., Ufa.


  Power engineering:
- electric power engineering;
- thermal power engineering;
- water-power engineering;
- atomic power engineering;
- consumption of energy resources.

  Alternative sources of electric power:
- bio-energetics;
- wind power engineering;
- hydrogen power engineering;
- geothermal power engineering;
- solar power engineering, etc.

  The equipment for power stations and substations, arrangement of electric power generation, networks for distribution and transmission of electric power.
  Standard transmitting stations for distant heating of industrial and housing-and-municipal objects.
  Power supply of cities and industrial enterprises.
  Electric and thermal energy generation:
  boiler and auxiliary equipment; steam turbines, electrical power, steam-to-gas and gas turbine plants; electro-, turbine-, hydrogenerators.
  Heat generating installations, boilers, heat exchangers;
  Heat networks.
  Transformation and accumulation of electric power: accumulators; power transformers.
  The electrical equipment for water-power, heat-power, electric power, atomic power engineering:
  electric motors; electro generators; electrical drives;
  distribution devices, electrical switchboard equipment;
converters, transformers; low-voltage equipment; high-voltage equipment.

  Components for electrical and power equipment.
  Wiring equipment and instruments.
  Power equipment; turbines and turbine auxiliary equipment; diesel engines and diesel generators.
  Pumps, compressors, hydraulic equipment.
  Lighting equipment: lighting products; light sources; accessories.
  Electrical equipment of handling machinery, traction and crane electrical equipment.
  Automatics and telemechanics in power engineering; software.
  Diagnostics of power equipment.
  Repair and modernization of electrical equipment.
  Electric tools, electric welding equipment.
  Electrical safety, means of labour safety and overalls.
  Power engineering and ecology; environmental protection;

Within the framework of the exhibition, VIII Russian power forum the program of which includes holding conferences on actual problems of power engineering complex is to be held.

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